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Playboy, May 1992
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Contains centerfold of "Vickie Smith", later known as Anna Nichole Smith. Also has a photo spread of Elizabeth Ward Gracen (Miss America, 1982), and The Playboy Interview with Micheal Jordan.

Time Magazine, November 3, 1997
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Cover story on astronaut Michael Foale's adventures on the Mir Space Station.Other topics include TEd Kaczynski, the Microsoft anti-trust case, and the Asian Flu.

Time Magazine, January 10, 1969
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Cover story on Senator Edward Kennedy, and the Democratic Party. Other topics include Adam Clayton Powell, the USS Pueblo, President Nixon's Key Biscayne compound, and photos taken on Apollo 8 from the orbit of the moon.

Saturday Evening Post, December 14 · 1963
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This special edition is a memorial to the recently assasinated President John F Kennedy, with a cover portrait by Norman Rockwell.

the magazine includes an article by President Eisenhower on "When the highest office changes hands". Articles cover "The New President", Lyndon B Johnson, "The Assasin", and a Eulogy of John F Kennedy by Artur Schlesinger Jr. It is a complete memorial to the fallen leader. (the mailing label shows an address before ZIP Codes were in wide spread use).

Saturday Evening Post, Jan./Feb. '78
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"A Very Special Issue On Norman Rockwell".

Includes reproductions of past Saturday Evening Post covers, as well as articles about the subjects in the pictures. Much "Where are they now" information (as of 1978) is presented.